Settlements are new to Animallica, and they allow us to hire NPCs to run farms and collect resources for us.  A settlement consists of a single hut or farm and the NPC to run it. A settlement requires three things:

  • The item being "farmed".  For example, if you want a pig farm, you must purchase special stock pigs from the Animal Trader in Corpse Harbor. If you want to grow corn, you have to collect or find some corn first, which you will use for the settlement. (There are only a few exceptions to this requirement)
  • Build the Settlement. Build the settlement at the Basic Workshop. Settlements can be placed on any flat ground.

The current list of Settlements:
* Apple Farm
* Corn Farm
* Wheat Farm
* Tomato Farm
* Grape Farm
* Melon Farm
* Pumpkin Farm
* Banana Plantation
* Apiary
* Cow Farm
* Sheep Farm
* Goat Farm
* Pig Farm
* Fisherman's Hut
* Chicken Farm
* Woodcutter's Lodge
* Miner's Hut
* Advanced Miner's Hut
* Stonemason's Hut
* Clay Pit
* Scrapyard
* Small Church

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