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Animallica is an open-world adventure game where you get to hunt, capture, cure and tame all sorts of wild animals from across the globe. You travel through abandoned cities, alpine peaks, deserts, savannas, forests, and grasslands while you gather resources and hunt for sick animals.  Once the animals are cured, you tame them and craft an enclosure or let them back into the wild when it's safe.  There are helpful NPCs and hostile enemies, hundreds of items to craft or purchase, and dozens of resources to collect. There is farming and hiring NPCs to farm resources for you. Animallica has many elements:  it's a survival, crafting sandbox, with exploration and discovery, also wildlife park and animal sanctuary building, and even has combat against mutated creatures and scavenging raiders.

Animallica is a huge game spanning over 50 square km already with new animals or features added frequently, so this wiki is always a work-in-progress. There are just a few volunteers and the developers working on the wiki, so the wiki can always use your input. Add your pictures or information, and if there is outdated information, note it in the comments section of the page (we will see that).  If you want to add screenshots or new information, we prefer you create a wiki account so we can communicate with you. Due to problems with invalid information being entered or removed it is required to have an account before any editing. However you may of course add a comment in the areas provided or contact one of us directly. We receive notifications of all changes and comments, and we try to fix problems as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your help!

-The Animallica Wiki Team.

Notes: The contents of this Wiki are current with Alpha 2.48 (Alpha 2.61 contents are still being added to the wiki)

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Tamed and Cured (Found)

Purchasable Tamed

Untamed and Uncured



Other Friendly


Tools and Weapons

   Crafted - made at a workshop, craft station or crafting menu
   Found - environmentally placed item or contained in a chest/container 
   Drop - loot from enemy (rare means very seldom found)
   Purchased - item is available from a vendor
   Unique - only item of its kind in game, cannot be replaced if lost







Rocks and Ores

Rare: Unique

Rare: Spawned

Mob Drops


Chemicals and Aid

Crafting Stations








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