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Animallica is an open-world adventure game set in a future where diseased animals, scavenging raiders, and mutated beasts roam a poisoned earth. The few decent farmers and fishermen live a desperate existence at the mercy of the roving mobs, and you are the only one who can change all this. For you have discovered a cure for the fungal disease that has wiped out nearly all life on earth and it is up to you to locate, capture, and cure as many animals as you can before they are gone. You will be able to enlist the help of NPC survivors to help with your tasks, and up to 5 animal companions can join you in your explorations. Animallica has many elements:  it's a survival, crafting sandbox, with exploration and discovery, also wildlife park and animal sanctuary building, and even has combat against mutated creatures and scavenging raiders.

There are 15 locations/biomes to explore at this time (with more to come), and dozens of animals to tranquilize, cure, and tame (with more to come).  Almost 20 crafting stations are available and there are hundreds of items to craft or purchase. Once you cure and tame the animals, you can release them into a safe area, like an enclosure you create and decorate, or back into their natural habitat when it is safe to do so.  The Land Base biome where you begin your journey has pens already built for you to use or you can choose to place animals on any of the other biomes you discover.  Dozens of crafted and/or purchased items are available for decorating and enriching the animal enclosures.

Please remember the game is still in early development and areas and biomes are not final yet. New animals and crafted objects are added frequently, and enemies get added or moved. One biome is set aside for building (Sliceland) and it should not change too much. All changes will be announced in the Release notes located on the Steam Forum, and big updates are announced prior to going into effect.

Animallica is a huge game with new animals or features added all the time, and so this wiki is hard to keep up-to-date. There are only a few volunteers and the developers working on the wiki, so the wiki can always use your input. Add your pictures or information, and if there is outdated information, note it in the comments section of the page (we will see that).  If you want to add information directly please create an account so that we may communicate with you. If you choose to remain as an Anonymous Fandom user, use the comment area to add your info instead. We receive notifications of all changes and comments made and will address them as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your help! The Animallica Wiki Team.

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The contents of this Wiki are current with Alpha 2.26.

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   Crafted - made at a workshop, craft station or crafting menu
   Found - environmentally placed item or contained in a chest/container 
   Drop - loot from enemy (rare means very seldom found)
   Purchased - item is available from a vendor
   Unique - only item of its kind in game, cannot be replaced if lost

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